What is BOREK

Borek (Börek) is the main name of baked or fried, filled pastries made of thin layered dough variety. This name comes from the Turkish root “burmak = to twist” as it is said in the vulgar tongue “burak or burek = let’s do a twist” and finaly changed to “börek”.

With its origins in Turkish cuisine, especially as one of the most significant, have been developed by the Turks of Central Asia and after the westward migration to Anatolia, the homeland of wheat, it become a popular element of Ottoman cuisine. During the sovereignty of Ottoman Empire throughout the Mediterranean region, the several countries become acquainted with Borek and added it to their cuisine under recruited names from the origin.

The base of this tasty dish is “yufka = dough sheet”, in fact made of wheat flour in several variation. As the common process the dough sheets will be placed, filled between the layers with some ingredients like cheese, meat, vegetables, even some fruits and sweets like marmelade or pudding, on top optionally some seeds, sesami and / or egg yolk etc…

Many countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania, Albania, Bosnia and other parts of former Yugoslavia, Arab countries, Israel, Nord African countries, Armenia, even Russia and other parts of former USSR have in their cuisine this pastry, made of with various ingredients and methods.